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Tech Services

  • Developed 70+ Client/Customers Throughout Philadelphia, Delaware & Montgomery County's

  • Service Laptop and Desktop Computers Running Operating Systems Windows/Mac OS X

  • Offers Onsite/Remote services for fixing almost any type of issue you may be experiencing

  • Services Include: ​Virus Removal, System Restore, Data Back-up/Transfer, Custom Configurations, Out-of-Box Set-up, Software/Hardware Install, Tune-up/Clean up, Troubleshooting, Diagnostics, etc...

Note: All Remote Service Customers must pay initial service fee of $20. This fee is Non-Refundable and will also cover Onsite trip charge if needed,. This fee is for attempt to service a computer even if remote service can NOT be performed. Additional Charges only apply upon agreement of recommend services by Technician.  

Data Recovery Services

Hard Drive Unreadable? Get Your Qoute From Our Trusted Partners for HARD DRIVE RECOVERY Today!

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