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Tournament Terms & Conditions


Goal of Terms & Conditions

It is our vision that participants are not only inspired by our platform, but also feel safe and secure at all times. To that extent, we’ve outlined our tournament rules below that must be followed by everyone in our community. These rules are structured to provide a safe, fair and competitive gaming environment for all participants. Please read through our policies, and get in touch anytime with any questions or concerns.

Safe Environment 

NO Weapons of any kind. Blades, knives guns or firearms are NOT permitted on/inside hosting locations property. We are here to create a competitive environment for all participants without harm. We may at any time require any participants to provide proof of Eligibility/Identity. Each participant hereby acknowledges and accepts this condition of their participation as a measure to ensure the security of all participants in our tournaments.

Code of Conduct

We allow trash talk but only at a minimum. No direct insults and/or aggression towards another participant. This includes: No written or verbal abuse of either an opponent or teammate. No offensive hand gestures towards an opponent or teammate. No taunting out of turn. No Profanity, We encourage everyone to keep it professional. No use of language, nicknames or other expressions that insult another participant's gender, origin, sexual orientation, religion, age or physical ability. No use of language or actions that refer to sexual violence or other violence. No Act in a threatening or violent manner. We have a strict zero tolerance policy on cheating. Participants who are caught cheating in any game on any platform are NOT permitted to compete in current/future tournaments and will result in termination/forfeit without refund. No playing or practice out of turn during/before tournament. Times are set for tournaments and we ask you to NOT have any practice games against other participants in any given tournament, inside the tournament window. This can cause complications with tournament results. Participants may NOT use obscene or offensive gestures or profanity in their gamer tags. This applies to English and other languages and includes abbreviations and/or obscure references. Participants must always observe/conduct the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship and act in a manner consistent with the best interests of professionalism and the participants themselves.​​

Any Violation

You shall provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as requested in the Website’s registration/entry forms. Upon Entry you agree to all of the terms above and, you are aware that any violation of these terms will result in tournament/contest forfeit or termination without refund. Failure to provide evidence of your eligibility and/or identification to requested satisfactorily will also result in forfeit or termination without refund. 

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